Immediately after receiving your bunch:

  • Take off the wrapping
  • Cut the stems slightly; Invest in some good quality secateurs. Household scissors will damage the stem + will run the risk of not being able to intake water.
  • Put fresh water in a vase or vessel
  • Keep out of direct sunlight + in a cool space. 
  • ENJOY. 

After care:

  • Refresh water every 1 - 2 days 
  • Cut the stems slightly each refresh
  • Remove any excess / dead leaves or flowers.
  • Add preservatives into the water to keep bacteria at bay. Natural alternatives like a teaspoon of sugar or lemon juice will assist with this. 
  • Repeat the process until they perish

Drying your bunch:

  • Take out of the water. 
  • Remove any excess leaves. 
  • Hang upside down in a cool, dark + dry space
  • Leave until dry
  • Spritz with some hair spray
  • Place where you want + voila!