I’m excited to receive my flowers!! What time can I expect my order to be delivered? 
And we are beyond thrilled to be delivering yours soon! Thank you!
Delivery hours are anytime from 9am till 5:30pm (AEDT)
No guarantees can be made if you have a desired time for the delivery.

If you would like same day delivery please order by the 11am cutoff. 

Oh gosh, I have put in the wrong address details? HELP!
Don't be hard on yourselves, We are all bound to do this at some stage of our life.

Hopefully you see this anomaly as soon as you get your confirmation because if you don’t + we deliver it to the address you inputed we can not refund you.
Send us an email immediately after check out to flora@thenesst.com to get this fixed as soon as possible. 

I’m concerned my friend isn't going to be home when you deliver. What happens if the recipient isn't home? 
Fingers crossed they are but if they aren’t, your recipients flowers will be wet wrapped just incase of this happening. Nesst will endeavour to leave the bunch in the shade + in a safe area so its happy relaxing while your friend arrives home.
To make it a smoother process we do ask you to leave notes for a safe spot option on the product page. Sadly, we live in a world where thieves lurk, so if the delivery driver feels it may be stolen / damaged, the bunch will be taken back to the studio + you will be notified. However this will result in a redelivery fee. Keep in mind you ok the authority to leave as mentioned in the product description information, therefore if we deem it safe at the time for the bunch to be left in it’s safe place + it is stolen / damaged, regrettably that is out of our hands once delivered + you will not be refunded. 

I really love native greenery but I only like pink flowers… Can I chose the colours / flowers that I want for the order? 
We all have our favourites.. we would be lying if we didn’t. 

Basically, if you have a preference feel free to email us. Where possible, accomodations will be made dependent on what produce we have. 

Please note though that dealing with Mother Nature means we can’t ever guarantee this. The best thing about leaving it in our hands is trusting that we will use the best of the seasonal produce coming our way that day / week. 

I want the exact bunch that is in the image. Will this happen? 
To be super transparent here. The answer in short is, no. 

In essence, we aren’t a carbon copy material item + can never guarantee the exact product.

What you can expect is that the same aesthetics carry through all of our works. If you haven’t seen a Nesst bunch before please head over to our Instagram (@thenesst) to get a clear vision. 

The beauty of working with Mother Nature’s produce means that every stem, every flower, every leaf + colours will be slightly different to the next making it all unique + all the more special. 

I want to purchase a bunch for my boss.. Do you deliver just to residential?
You will be in the serious good books by doing that + you are in luck!
Nesst can deliver to residential properties, hospitals, schools + commercial / corporate buildings. If you aren’t sure, send us through a message on our contact page. 

I want to order a bunch for a special date + I can’t see it in your drop down menu.. How do I go about pre-ordering? 
Got to love an organised person! Head to the below link + shoot us through a message with the delivery date / address / amount you want to spend + we will organise this via email with you. 

I want to surprise my sister with a flower crown for her baby shower. How do I go about ordering a fresh flower crown or other floral items from Nesst? 
Awww aren't you a thoughtful human! Head to our enquiry page, leave a message + a pricing / information PDF will be emailed to you.

My partner gifted me a Nesst bunch + now I want a bunch every month! Do you offer Flower Subscriptions?
We loveeeee hearing that!
Watch this space.. soon a subscription service will be available to treat yourself or someone you love weekly, fortnightly or monthly.